What is TTool?

TTool (pronounced "tea-tool") is a toolkit dedicated to the edition of UML and SysML diagrams, and to the simulation and formal verification (safety, security, performance) of those diagrams. TTool supports several development stages of embedded systems:
  1. Partitioning of embedded systems with the DIPLODOCUS environment

  2. Design of embedded software with the AVATAR environment

  3. Design of safe and secure embedded systems with the SysML-Sec environment

  4. Design of Mix analog/digital systems with the TTool-AMS profile developed by LIP6/Alsoc team

  5. And also several other profiles supported by TTool are listed here

Who should use TTool?

Anyone interested by a free and open-source environment for modeling embedded systems - hardware or software elements -, and performing really easily simulations and mathematical proofs directly from UML/SysML models. Proofs may concern either safety, performance or security properties.
Several academic and industrial partners use TTool, and participate in its development (see the reference section).

How can I use TTool?

TTool is an open-source software that can be installed and executed under most Operating Systems. More precisely, it has been tested in Windows, MacOS, Linux. We do encourage you to contact us if necessary (see the support section for more information), for any problem e.g., installing TTool, using a specific profile, performing formal proofs, and so on.

Links: installing TTool, downloading TTool

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